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4G broadband backup Failover Solution

Telephone Online 4G Mobile Broadband provides you 98.5% coverage over Australia for when you are not at home or in the office. By using Telephone Online 4G Mobile broadband you can stay connected to the Internet almost indefinitely!

Telephone Online 4G Mobile Broadband is not just for on the move, you can even use Telephone Online 4G Mobile Broadband as an office business based Internet service should another suitable broadband solution no be available in your area.

4G Mobile Broadband Benefits We Offer:

  • No Contracts:

    All plans are month to month with not lock in contracts

  • Add A Static IP Address:

    Add a static IP address to your mobile broadband service for small monthly fee on supported plans.

  • Local Australian Support:

    Get prompt answers from our friendly Australian representatives

  • Online Dashboard:

    Track your usage via our on line dashboard

What is 4G Backup Failover Continuity?

There’s nothing worse than when the internet drops out for no apparent reason, knowing it’s not your fault. But, that’s a fact of life for many Australian Businesses, including those on the National Broadband Network (NBN).

4G Failover Continuity is the ability to maintain Internet connectivity for critical data processing across a distributed enterprise network in the event of a wired Internet connectivity failure. Many of today’s distributed enterprise networks have branch sites that require 24/7 uptime, and there is no room for connectivity failures.

A failure in an organisation’s connectivity can result in:

  • Loss of revenue via point-of-sale systems that no longer have internet connectivity.
  • Cloud-based data processing applications no longer function in real-time.
  • Service providers must dispatch technicians for repair, which can result in additional costs to the business.
  • Customers losing trust in the business’s ability to provide products or services which can result in even more revenue losses.

According to Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, “an hour of down time can typically cost an organisation $1000s per hour.” If a business’s Internet connectivity were to fail during a time of higher traffic, the holidays for example, the monetary loss of being unable to process cards would be significantly higher.

A 4G Failover solution differs from a wired failover solution, which remains costly and vulnerable to the same outages as the primary wired connectivity solutions. Implementing a 4G Failover Solution should be considered due to low cost, high availability, and always providing a return to the bottom line. Unlike the wired solution, a 4G Failover Solution is easily scalable and distributed across enterprise networks.

Do not take the risk of losing revenue, productivity, and having a negative customer experience. If your business is vulnerable to connectivity downtime, invest in a 4G Failover Solution, as it is practical, convenient, and affordable.

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